Randonneur round the Year

Thankfully, the Brevet Selfhelp Group planned one of their therapy sessions, a 200km Brevet, for November 9. Because I had to/will have to attend social events on the dates of the other Brevets this month that came quite handily.

Yesterday it was all about pea soup.

The route took us from Neuss (pronounce: Noise) to Mariawald, a former abbey in the Rur Eifel „Mountains“. Quotation marks because no hill was higher than 500m yesterday. Pea soup, because Mariawald makes the best one in the world, allegedly. It was nice.

Climbing one of these hills, panting heavily.

It was a beautiful, clear, dry albeit a bit chilly day. Three longer climbs and one shorter tested my legs, my lungs and my heart. All three were found lacking (not the climbs, the other three). Maybe I really need to do intervals. The chill tested my knees. They did okay. The time of the year meant that we got to see the sun set.

Sun setting behind an open pit mine with a ginormous excavator destroying the earth and next to the cloud from a cooling tower of a coal power station heating the only planet we have. Oh well, why should the sun care about that.

The stress on the job of the last few weeks certainly took its toll and I arrived at the finish quite finished. The full moon had risen.

The moon (3 seconds exposure time, the lens, not my knees. They suffered from longer exposure.)

I ran on fumes on my ride home from there. Realising I rode at least one Brevet each of the last 12 months, gaining me the unofficial title of a Randonneur round the Year. „Yeehaw“, as we cowboys say. I plan to take a break from randonneuring now. I will just do my daily commutes and my Sunday rounds. But nothing longer for a while. Maybe blog about our fairly spectacular Alp crossing when I find the time.

Data: 206 km, some 1.700m in height. The final longer ascent was quite steep in some parts. All were extremely nice, had switchbacks and really felt pretty mountainy. And the descents were excellent fun. Memo to self: check break pads.

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